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Launching the Melbourne Startup Mastermind to help founders build a sustainable business model.
  • Leverage the lived experience, wisdom and advice of individuals who have successfully navigated through the new business phase of a business’s life cycle. 
  • Build a sustainable and ongoing business model
  • Create and support a community of growth minded founders 
  • New business startup founders based in Melbourne.
  • 1 to 3 years in existence
  • Turnover $50k to $1m per annum
  • 1 to 5 staff
  • Mastermind group consists of 8 to 12 attendees
  • Same expert facilitator each session for continuity 
  • Events run from 8am to 2pm in Melbourne CBD location
  • Total of 6 Mastermind sessions and a social event over 12 months 
Limited Availability
Our membership allows you to access the collective wisdom of our selected guest speakers, our expert facilitators and the Mastermind peer group, creating a vast scope of professionals from whom to garner informed knowledge and ideas.

Our Startup Mastermind group has been specifically designed for business founders to assist each other in solving the most pressing industry issues and concerns. Professionally facilitated meetings ensure that participants support each other in developing fresh insights and perspectives. The result is the development of accelerated leadership groups which encourage greater personal and business success – when placing up to 12 high-performing business founders in a structured and supportive environment, the possibilities are endless.

Our Mastermind groups are managed on an invite-only basis and each member application is vetted by the MentorList team, facilitator and existing Mastermind members. Each Mastermind has no more than 12 non-competing members from a diverse range of companies of similar size and standing. Each session consists of a half-day meeting hosted by our expert facilitator. The meetings’ broad agendas are shaped by the facilitator and members of the Mastermind group, to ensure they target the requirements of participants.
Event Schedule & Speakers

12 September '19

My Business Strategy & Culture

Cameron Schwab

CEO Design CEO, Ex CEO Richmond, Melbourne, Fremantle FC

22 November '19

What is my business offering?

Malcolm Jackman

Ex CEO, Elders, Coates Hire, Manpower

6 February '20

Sales Mastery – systems and processes

Tom Griffith

Founder & CEO Emma & Toms Juices

George Stavrakakis

Sales Director Microsoft Australia
Event Schedule 2020

9 April '20

Define my Marketing Strategy.

Sam Mutimer

CEO Thinktank Social

4 June '20

Optimisation & Maximisation

David Prior

Founder & CEO Bladnoch Distillery
Sold 5am Yoghurts $75m+

Brent Valle

Founder NGage Technology 
$0 to $25m business in 5 years before sale

30 Jul '20

The Power of Financial & Legal Analysis

Jack Karikas

Profitability Magnate & Multi Business Entrepreneur
Expert Facilitator

Brad Coughlan

Co-founder and Director at cBeyond Solutions
Hands-on business builder
35 years in the IT industry, in a range of sales, business development and consulting roles with blue chip companies like Logica, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

His most recent business development roles at AWS included expanding their Asia Pacific & Japan public sector footprint and finally, as the Country Manager for their powerhouse Australia & New Zealand public sector business.

Brad has recently co-founded cBeyond Solutions which aspires to help seasoned practitioners to establish a technology or financial services practice in their own right, by removing the obstacles that prevent them from turning their ideas into action. Having promoted the term “smartups”, his catch-cry of “No more excuses” is well-known across the local business community and encapsulates his passion for giving something back to his network and his industry.

Workclub Melbourne

Boardroom, Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000
Situated inside the prestigious Royal Bank Chambers building, Work Club Melbourne 287 Collins is in close proximity to Flinders St station, eclectic laneways and in the heart of major retail. The club offers a unique social space and outdoor area overlooking the historic architecture on Elizabeth St, Melbourne.
The supremely driven can struggle to maintain a balance. So in addition to the mastermind sessions, there are exclusive dinners, boardroom luncheons and events held throughout the year which offer members a chance to unwind and stay connected. This is part of the integrated approach of The Mentor List which allows members to address issues in the wider community and also have a little fun in a relaxed, peer-driven environment.
One Hidden Benefit Of Being In The Inner Circle...

Exclusive access to guest speakers, expert facilitators and the Startup Mastermind peer group. 
If you want to turn your dreams and goals into a reality faster, you must get yourself in proximity with people who are playing the game at a higher level than you are.

SEPTEMBER 12th 2019
Application process
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to introduce you to some of Australia’s best business and career professionals in a structured way and look forward to welcoming you to our network and supporting your continued development.
Each Mastermind has no more than 12 non-competing members from a diverse range of companies of similar size and standing. We conduct an interview to better understand your goals and ensure the mastermind is a good fit for you, the topics and the existing members.
Mastermind groups are limited to a maximum of 12 participants and are by invite only following a successful application.  Applicants are vetted by The Mentor list team, the mastermind facilitator and finally by the existing individuals in the group.
One Hidden Benefit Of Being In The Inner Circle...
Membership is limited to only 12 people at a time... Apply now to confirm your place in the queue
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