Sam Mutimer

"Work hard, play hard...and with everything you do, do it with enthusiasm and substance or not at all" - Sam Mutimer

A broken leg in 2008 (after playing rugby for England) was the tipping point for Sam, where she became aware of the true power of social media and how it plays a role in branding and business as a whole.

Not one to rest on her laurels and wait for an opportunity to come knocking, Sam decided to make the most out of the injury time-out, posting her injury on YouTube as advertising space for businesses to then ‘bid’ for, in order to get their brand seen online.

Unsurprisingly, the video went viral and received over 27,000 views in a matter of weeks.

Watching the volume of inquiries flood through justified the value of great content and solid network connections for brands on social platforms… and an idea was formed.

Upon Sam’s return to Australia and becoming actively involved in social media marketing via digital marketing agencies, she launched her own company, Thinktank Social, as a ‘niche’ social media agency – one of Australia’s very first.

2016 saw another gap in the market, where Sam opened the doors at Thinktank Scout - focusing on supporting, empowering and setting up athletes for ongoing success pre, during and post career - via social and digital channels.

The educational and training role is a passion of Sam’s that goes with the job - exciting whoever she presents to and adding substance and experience along the way... including some powerful case studies from their very own campaigns they have/are working on too!

A few achievements so far: guest lecturer at RMIT, social media resident for Channel 7 news, Today Tonight, SEN radio special guest, SBS radio news commentary, along with speaking interstate and overseas

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want," Zig Ziglar

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