Tom Griffith co-founded Emma & Tom’s in 2004with his childhood friend Emma Welsh. Both share a passion for healthy choices, active life and everyday, balanced nutrition and saw a need for an Australian healthy, great tasting snack and juice alternative to sugary, preservative-riddled, over-processed options out there already.

Based on the simple and powerful philosophy ‘Look After Yourself’, Emma & Tom’s has grown to become one of Australia’s greatest startup business success stories and an internationally recognised brand. Boasting a range of whole fruit, naturally good for you products now available in over 6000 retail outlets nationwide, the business has expanded distribution to global markets and new consumer categories and continues to deliver their wholesome brand promise to thousands of people every day.

Tom’s background includes a diverse portfolio of business, finance, investment banking and innovation roles within Australia and internationally. Tom also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne, is a Chartered Accountant and has a Fellowship of Finance.

“We believe people are happier when they are healthier. We believe if you eat well, you stay well. We help people look after themselves.”

Tom is regularly sought after as a speaker on entrepreneurship, the business of startups, building brand and the secret to successful partnerships. Tom is also a passionate and outstanding community leader who contributes many pro bono hours to local social justice initiatives. Emma & Tom's contributes $100,000 annually to eliminate youth homelessness via The Unite Project with the Cotton On Group.

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