Richard Elstone - Executive Interview Coaching

Richard Elstone is a partner with a boutique executive search consultancy in Melbourne. He has more than 20 years’ experience acting as a trusted advisor to Boards, CEOs and their executive teams in their search for hiring the very best talent across ASX listed, Private Equity backed and Private companies across Australia.

Over the years, Richard has reviewed and assessed hundreds of thousands of resumes, conducted thousands of interviews and successfully appointed countless executives. The Executive Interview Coaching program series distils this knowledge into a series of confidential one-on-one sessions designed to give you an edge in your job search.

These coaching programs are aimed at executives who are looking to make a career change over the next 6 – 12 months. You could be looking internally within your current organisation and/or externally, at new opportunities.

The three-session, Resume Ready program will help you transform your resume to ensure you stand out. You will understand what Executive Search Consultants or ‘Headhunters’ and senior hiring executives look for in a resume and how to re-write your resume to highlight these areas.

The four-session, Interview Ready program will give you the strategies you need to create a strong first impression and interview well in order to maximise your chances of securing your new career opportunity.

The eight-session, Search Ready program combines both of these programs and in addition, will give you the strategies you need to best leverage your networks in your search for a new role. All programs are enhanced with Phone Support.

These programs can also be used by executives who are in transition and who may have accepted a redundancy package or who have been ‘let go’ due to a change in organisation strategy or direction. For executives in transition, the executive interview coaching programs can be used in conjunction with traditional outplacement programs or as an alternative solution to those programs whilst they search for their next opportunity.

For more information on the programs or to book an individual session to suit your needs, email your details to

Describe the mentor services you are best known for: Executive interview readiness
Years in the workforce: 25
Mentoring Type:
Mentoring categories..:
Career planning
Stress management
Time management
Work life integration
Other mentoring categories (not listed above): interview preparation, interview coaching, career transition, resume coaching, outplacement, tailored mock interview practice
Industry Experience:
Financial Services
Professional & Business Services
Real Estate & Construction
Retail & Sales
Technology &Telecommunications
Non Profit
Industry Experience (Other): Executive Search, Executive Recruitment, Career Transition, Talent Aquisition, Talent Aquisition Strategies
Keyword search items - (Experience, Exposure, Education, Skills, Industry, Companies etc): More than 25 years acting as an advisor to CEOs, boards and senior executives on how to attract and appoint the best executive and non-executive talent. Have advised on the appointment of numerous Chairs and NEDS, Managing Directors , CEOs and other 'C'Suite executives including CFOs, CIOs, CDOs, Chief People & Culture Officers, Heads of Supply Chain & Logistics, Enterprise Architecture, Sales Directors etc.