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Finding a mentor has never been so easy. 

Mentor List is a peer-to-peer social marketplace that provides a platform for mentoring.

Every once and a while, we all need a little help.  The best way to deal with this scenario is to access a network of advisors, mentors and coaches that can assist you in the challenges you may face. This marketplace provides you the underlying support structure that will get you through your career and life challenges.

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User profiles are important because it builds trust within the community. Mentors will not accept a request if you do not have a completed profile. Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? Tell us a bit about yourself and upload a profile picture.

If you have knowledge and insights to share, that's fantastic. But if you want to connect with some mentee's, here are a few things you need to think about.

Use good quality profile photographs to showcase yourself  in the best light. Write about your experience, describe your skills.

Respond to requests as quickly as you can. Mentee's who love you will want to book you in. When someone contacts you, reply quickly to let them know that you are happy to share your knowledge and experience with them and when you are available.

Arrange a mutually convenient time to schedule your mentoring session. Once agreed you can confirm via our secure payment system where payment is held until the session is completed.

Mentor sessions are held via online video conferencing service providing a safe and confidential method to facilitate online face to face mentoring session.  

Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Mentor List's trusted community. You have 14 days to write a review and share comments about your experience with your mentor user. Your mentee user also has the opportunity to review you and your mentor session, too. This builds trust in the Mentor List community.

A Mentor is a person who can complete sessions for other people within the Mentor List Marketplace.
Simply create an account build your profile and list your mentor offering and start browsing through sessions that you're able to complete. Make an offer on a requested session and tell the Mentee why you're the best person to help them. If the session has been successfully assigned to you, you will be able to continue your conversation with the Mentee via private messaging and arrange further details about completing the online session. 

A Mentee is a person who's looking for help, they may search through the list of Mentors for the right connection or post their own session request that Mentors can respond to.
Simply create an account, build your profile and then create your session request - remember it's free to post a session request. View profiles and reviews and pick the best Mentor for the session. When you accept a mentors offer, you'll add funds securely which are held until completion.

Throughout your life, you will encounter many different people that will either advise, mentor or coach you. Even the most negative interactions or caustic relationship will impart some knowledge, skill or attitude. Part of seeking out advisers, mentors and coaches is to figure out which one you need. Lets define the three as follows:
  • Advisors: Impart general knowledge and skills that you lack in a particular field or certain skill.
  • Coaches: A coach will lead you to the answer. 
  • Mentors: A mentor will give you their answer based on their knowledge and learned experiences

It’s important to realise that some people can switch between all three depending on the situation or topic. What one person may be able to advise on, they may not be able to mentor in. This stems from the fact that the skill sets required vary over all three.

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